Vendor Submissions

Thank you for your interest in submitting a product to Follain. We carry a curated selection of the healthiest, highest performance personal care products available. Because we operate small stores, we cannot carry every product that is submitted for consideration. Before contacting Follain about carrying your products, please read and follow the below guidelines.

1. Safe Ingredients + Packaging


  • Products cannot contain any ingredients included in our Restricted Substances List (“RSL”). Disclaimer: the Follain RSL is a work in progress.  Our health + safety team may find additional ingredients that might not be publicly listed on our RSL yet, but could still preclude a product from being included in our portfolio.
  • Product ingredients must be fully disclosed and traceable.
  • Products with sustainably farmed/sourced ingredients (proven organic, fair trade, and/or ethical) are preferred.
  • At this time, products must be packaged in glass, biodegradable materials, or 1, 2, 4 or 5 plastics (PCR preferred).

Please include in your inquiry:

  • If a product contains any essential oil blend or natural fragrance blend, please indicate whether you are open to discuss this with our Health and Safety Team.
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for all preservatives must be provided. In a water-based product, a preservative must be used to prevent microbial growth. If no preservative is listed on the ingredient label in a water-based product, please provide us with a paragraph about your preservation.

2. Effective + Unique Products


  •  Products must be effective, and do what they claim to do (this will be determined after a 3-4 week product test.)
  • Products must complement other options in our portfolio (we will not sell two of the same product by different brands.)

Please include in your inquiry:

  • A brief outline describing what sets your product apart from other similar options in our portfolio (ingredients, skin type, etc.) must be provided.

3. Well-Designed Packaging


  • Product packaging must be effective, easy-to-use, and well-suited for the given application.
  • Product packaging must be beautiful, easy to read, and complementary to our store design and other portfolio products.
  • Product labels must be clear, legible, and wear well (not disintegrate or wear off).

    4. Inspiring Company Management and Philosophies


    • Our brands are our champions, and we are always looking for new companies with inspiring backgrounds and philosophies.

    Please include in your inquiry:

    • Brand backgrounds and philosophies must be provided.

    If your product fits the above specifications, and you would like to submit it to the Follain team for consideration, please send us an introduction by email to, including the mandatory items above.  If we choose to move forward after your email, we kindly request a full size sample of each product in consideration. Please do not mail sample products before speaking with us.

    Thank you,

    Team Follain