Our Safety Promise

We here at Follain are on a mission to provide your skin with only the safest of ingredients.

Restricted Substance List

Research from the past 30 years indicates that toxic chemicals, even in very low doses, are one of several factors that are likely contributing to the increase in many health issues in the US and beyond. People encounter toxic chemicals in their daily lives through “environmental exposures,” like food, air, water, cleaning supplies, electronics, furniture, PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS and more.

While personal care products are just one piece of this exposure puzzle, they are critically important because: everyone uses them, regardless of age, gender or income; teenage girls and women of childbearing age use over a dozen products a day, resulting in exposure to hundreds of chemicals just from cosmetics; what goes on your body goes in your body; and we have more control over this route of exposure than many others.

The skin care and beauty industry is virtually unregulated. Under the current law (which dates back to 1938), it is legal to use chemicals known to be harmful to human health as well as chemicals which have never been assessed for their health impacts. It is also legal for cosmetics companies to hide certain ingredients from consumers. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the federal agency that oversees this industry, cannot require safety data on ingredients, cannot issue a product recall, does not know how many cosmetics manufacturers there are in the US, and does not define “safety.” Futhermore, the terms “natural,” “green,” “organic” and “safe” are not regulated, and don’t even have an agreed-upon definition.

In the absence of meaningful regulation, Follain has created a set of safety standards. This platform is health-protective, innovative and core to our company’s mission, which is to ensure the entire Follain experience—from entering our store to using products at home and beyond to manufacture and end of life—is healthy, wholesome and sound for the consumer and the planet. As a cutting edge retailer, we know that we play a key role in the cosmetics industry supply chain; we have close relationships with the companies we work with, and we’re a direct connect to the end user.