Unwinding 101 - Our Guide to Letting Go


If there's one thing that unites us all, it's how busy we are. In the Follain community  we’re entrepreneurs, grad students, moms, and more – and we've become avid multitaskers! So it's one thing to talk about me-time (we know we need and deserve it)  but it's hard to actually find the time, and to unwind. How do you instantly go from 100 mph to sitting in a bathtub? So we thought we'd get together some real people and some real tips for unwinding in the real world. Start right now.


Our founder unwinds with a quick walk.

  1. HEAD OUT. Tara, our founder, is a busy entrepreneur an advocate for clean beauty, and she's also my mom to a an infant. She doesn't always have time for the long runs she loves. Her trick? Head out for a short walk by the Charles, near our Beacon Hill store. She can wear whatever she wants, go back to the office without changing (just a quick face wipe and some dry shampoo will do), get a nice dose of endorphins, and spend some mindful time soaking in the scenery.

  2. MORNING JOE. Joe in technology is true bath guy. It’s his favorite way to get some quiet time to himself. So how does he fit it in? By making it part of his morning routine (he’ll even drink his coffee in the tub) instead of trying to find time later in the day.  (Rachel in creative loves a bath too - she saves them as a treat while traveling - when there’s also someone else cleaning the tub, too!)

  3. WORK IT. Callie in customer experience isn't one for soaking it a tub. It's just never appealed to her. “Whether I'm doing yoga, spinning, running - that is my me-time. It's a moving meditation, the one time of the day when I can focus on myself, my body, my breath. It clears my mind and makes me more productive and present.” It’s why Callie won’t budge on her daily workout. She makes time by shortening her other routines with multitaskers - like Herbivore Coco Rose Body Polish (her obsession) which leaves skin hydrated enough post-exfoliation that she can skip moisturizing after the shower.

  4. SLOW JAM: The simple act of slowing down a nightly ritual or two can feel calming, tender, and mindful. For makeup artist Jeannie, it’s her toning step with her favorite Tammy Fender Bulgarian Rose Water. “I take a minute to breathe in the uplifting scent and experience the aromatherapy benefits.” For Rachel it's the moment of serenity as she presses her Vintner’s Daughter serum to her face until she feels for the popping sensation as her pores soak up the nutrients. “Sometimes I’ll even light a candle while doing it,” she says.

  5. BREATHE IT IN: Kerri in marketing is always on the go - commuting, heading to yoga, picking up her kids. So a “getaway” has to be instant. She loves La Bella Figura Travel Therapy Mood Booster roll-on on her pulse points for a quick uplift that “keeps me fresh and smells incredible.”

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