Mind Your Own Mindfulness

What’s mindfulness? It’s a mental state where you focus on the moment you’re in. As thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations happen, you’re aware of them, acknowledge them and stay present.

And oh wow, can it pay off.

Mindfulness can reduce anxiety, regulate emotion, make you more flexible and less reactive, even improve job satisfaction and personal relationships.

When you’re stressed, it can be a lifesaver.

Not everyone has the time to meditate (the pro path to mindfulness). So we thought we’d share some of the tips that work for us.

Jasmine is a natural antidepressant.

  1. Press it: 22 active botanicals give Vintner’s Daughter serum an antioxidant, anti-aging punch. But just breathing in the jasmine can be a mindful moment. Warm the serum with your fingers, press gently into skin until you feel a “pop” as it enters the pore, while taking deep, long breaths of the jasmine.
  1. Pump it: Keep Vered Signature Scent Body Oil in a desk drawer. Stop, pump it onto skin, and inhale, focusing on detecting the different notes. (Along with the jasmine, you’ll get rose, amber, and awakening orange blossom.)
  1. Mist it: An intensely powerful note of jasmine stars in May Lindstrom’s The Jasmine Garden botanical mist, meant to make you feel like you’re walking through a jasmine garden. When you spritz (after cleansing or anytime), close your eyes and imagine yourself in that garden for a few minutes.
Lavender oil promotes a sense of calm. 
  1. Slather it: On Fridays, skip makeup (#makeupfreefridays for inspiration) and use the time saved for a mindful, post-shower moment. Warm a few pumps of Farmaesthetics Nourishing Lavender Milk in your hands to release the lavender scent as you apply all over damp skin.
  1. Inhale it: Farmaesthetics Dreaming Oil is like an instant, mini meditation. Rub into palms and inhale. Shrug your shoulders a few times. The sedative properties of clary sage and lavender oils pack instant relaxation.
Using your body can “unstick” your mind.
  1. Stretch it: Try Tara’s tip for days she can’t get outside. Get a quick desk stretch by reaching your arms straight out and windmilling back and forth a few times. Try not to think about anything - just focus on moving.
  1. Walk it: Have a few minutes. Get out for a brief walk. Even just around the block. Focus on your footfall, breathe in the air, see the natural elements.
  1. Hug it: One of the best all-time mindful moments can happen in an embrace. There’s so much comfort and calm in it. Reach for a close friend or your s/o, pull them close and hold it a little bit. Close your eyes and think about the good feelings passing between you. Works wonders.

Have more mindfulness tips? Share them!

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Mindfulness can reduce anxiety.

It can regulate emotion, making your more flexible and less reactive. 

It can enhance job satisfaction

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