Meet the Maker: Ursa Major

Emily and Oliver of Ursa Major

Ursa Major's Oliver & Emily Take a Hike in Vermont

Some brands just speak to you on multiple levels.  Between the message of get outside, to living major, plus using nature's goodness for wildly effective skincare - you could say Ursa Major had us at hello.  We are thrilled to welcome Emily Doyle of the Vermont-steeped line to our Nantucket store on Thursday, 7/28 from 4-6pm for a Meet the Maker and launch of the new Force Field Daily Defense Lotion (hey there, lightweight + good for you SPF!) In advance of Emily's visit, we sat down to ask her some hard hitting questions, you know, like what's so great about summertime in VT.  Check it out!

It seems like Ursa Major is loved by all kinds of people. As the creator of such an aspirational brand, we’re curious to know  - who is Ursa Major really made for?

Anyone and everyone! No, actually, while we like to think Ursa Major is for everyone, we’re learning that our customers are quite a particular bunch. If there are any common threads, I would say that they’re trying hard to live a healthy lifestyle, they have a strong affinity for the natural world (and believe in nature’s power to heal and restore), and they will go to great lengths to find exceptional products made by well-intentioned companies. And, when they finally find us, you can bet we do our best to keep them happy :-)

Ursa Major Force Field Daily Defense Lotion at Follain

You guys put a LOT of thought into your formulations and sometimes take years to make just one product! (NBD, we’re perfectionists too.) So how do you go about deciding what product to make next?

It’s true, we’re crazy (sometimes too crazy, maybe?) about getting our formulations "just right." Things always take longer than expected because we obsess over the details. In terms of what product comes next, we’re always working on a half-dozen new products at any given time because we know some will take years to finalize and some will never see the light of day. Part of this is driven by our own internal 'product roadmap,' some is driven by what our customers are telling us or by what we’re seeing the market in terms of new ingredients or applications. Ultimately, if we can launch 2-3 wonderful new products a year, we’re happy.

Ursa Major's Lola

We have major Vermont Envy. With so much to do outdoors, what are your favorite ways to take advantage of summer?

We love Vermont and we feel very fortunate to live here. A lot of people think of snow or foliage when they hear Vermont but there’s so much to do here in summer and the climate is fabulous with warm breezy days and cool, fresh nights. After work and on weekends we like to hike, bike, take long walks with our puppy Lola or cool off in a quiet swimming hole. Once in awhile, when we’re feeling lazy, we’ll throw the canoe in the truck and head for the Northeast Kingdom, hitting our favorite spots along the way. That reminds me, we need to plan our annual visit to Lake Willoughby!

And just for fun, what’s in your Follain 5 (aka the five Follain products you, Emily, just can’t live without)?
- Ursa Major’s new Force Field Daily Defense Lotion
- Florescent Sundays perfume
- RMS Living Luminizer
- Skincando Combat-Ready Balm
- W3ll People Universalist #9

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