Meet the Maker: Sara Damelio of SKINCANDO
Ok so let’s talk about the Combat Ready Balm - our favorite (and best selling!) SKINCANDO product. Can you walk us through the many benefits of the balm and your thought process behind some of your more unique ingredient choices - like fish oil?
I like to think of Combat-Ready Balm as the work horse of the green beauty industry. It was designed to be a healing tool in your beauty arsenal, that is why it's called 'Combat-Ready Balm' and the label looks like a bandage. It is the product you reach for when you have a problem like dry skin or an itch, a little eczema, a bug bite, need a serious moisture mask in winter or a soothing natural eye makeup remover (apply and tissue off). Think of it like organic Neosporin mixed with the fluffiest healing cream you've ever used.
I started mixing formulas to deal with my own skin issues back in 1998, BEFORE THERE WAS WHOLE FOODS! I had problem skin and was a top sales person in the beauty industry and my skin kept getting WORSE. I had no other option than to create my own product to help heal my personal issues. 
Combat-Ready Balm is a trade secret formula, crafted with the finest organic ingredients and made with love in micro batches at SKINCANDO HQ.
There is an amazing not for profit wing of your business that our community may not know about. Can you talk about your inspiration for “Operation Sand Flea” and how our readers can get involved?
I have been donating Combat-Ready care kits to US troops after I received an email from a soldier stationed in Iraq in 2005 requesting more 'Magic Balm.' The feedback regarding the Combat-Ready Balm has been especially moving; it is the only cream that our soldiers have used which both calms and soothes their incessant sand flea bites and dry, cracked skin. In fact, Combat-Ready Balm is loved so much that it is being given out to every wounded warrior visiting Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital in Bethesda, MD. Combat-Ready Balm is the first healing cream Walter Reed approved for use by our soldiers since 1948!
Operation Sand Flea has been so popular that it was chosen as the #1 philanthropic program in the beauty industry by Oprah Magazine. We have sent over 10,000 packages to date! If your community would like to donate a discounted Combat-Ready care kit, SKINCANDO will cover the shipping cost and include extra donated products. It is an affordable way to make a big difference and bring a smile to a soldiers face. 
To make a donation or to find out more information please visit:

We’re gearing up for fall at Follain right now. What are some of your favorite ways to take care of your skin during these slightly brisker months? 
I love a good creamy cleanser (my fav is Honey Mud by May Lindstrom), luxe exfoliant (Epi Peel? Yes!) and a delicious serum (any one from La Bella Figura) AM + PM. My secret ritual is every other night I use Combat-Ready Balm as my night cream (just a touch) and wake up with butter soft skin all winter long.
As an eco-facialist, what is the most common skin ailment people deal with, and how can it be prevented and/or treated holistically?
Most of my clients have chronic irritation, dryness or both. I attribute these issues to their use of traditional skincare products purchased either at the drug store or the department store. I explain that in the traditional beauty industry when you spend money trying to find a solution on expensive brands, you are paying for the packaging and marketing, not ingredients, which is why they are still having problems. 
The way I help them treat their issues is to get them 100% off of what they are using and perscribe a simple regimen of small batch organic clean skincare. They typically see improvement in less than 7 days.

And just for fun, what’s in your Follain 5 (aka the five Follain products you just can’t live without)?
- Meow Meow Tweet - Grapefruit Deodorant 
- May Lindstrom - Masque Treatment Bowl
- Follain Refillable Soap - Peppermint (ask for it in the comments!)
- Raw Elements - Tinted Sunscreen
- La Bella Figura - Travel Therapy Mood Booster

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