La Bella Figura's Daily Elements Defense - Your Summer Skin Savior
La Bella Figura has made it their mission to search the world high and low for exceptional ingredients that are undiscovered by convention. Their formulations are profoundly potent and crazy beautiful! They are the creators of one of the most asked about products in the Follain portfolio - Which also happens to be our founder, Tara’s fave - the Daily Elements Defense Face Oil. Being such a multi-functional product, it can be difficult to fully comprehend its magical powers, so to help us understand why this is one of our must-have picks for summer, we’ve asked La Bella Figura brand founder, Victoria Fantauzzi, to explain its amazing benefits. 


Daily Elements Defense Face Oil

By:  Victoria Fantauzzi, La Bella Figura

We’re feeling good because summer has arrived, and that means we're outside enjoying long bike rides, concerts in the park and endless miles of lakefront fun here in Chicago. We’re also doing our best to prevent and protect our skin from UV damage, environmental pollution and the woes of city living, which can sometimes wreak havoc on our complexions. Summer skin can be frustrating for many, but it need not be with the proper care and products focused on skin nutrition and balance. 

Our Favorite summertime product to keep our skin on track and looking glorious is the Daily Elements Defense Face Oil. It's lightweight and active with vital antioxidants that neutralize free radical damage, while simultaneously moisturizing and protecting the skin without feeling heavy. Sacha inchi oil is the star ingredient in Daily Elements Defense. Rich in omegas, Sacha inchi seeds contain over 17 times the amount of omega 3 found in salmon, and 3 times the amount of omega 6 found in walnuts, making this one of the richest sources of plant based omegas around. The benefits of high linoleic acid include a decrease in breakouts (which is a common summertime problem) as well as speeding recovery when breakouts do form. The linoleic acid content found in Sacha inchi oil is a whopping 85%! That makes it good for all skin types, and especially beneficial for acne prone skin. Of course, we boosted this incredible face oil by adding other antioxidant and mineral rich ingredients - Rosehip seed oil, guava and supercritical extractions of pomegranate seed oil are excellent sources of Vitamins A, C and E, and these co-factors help prevent UV damage even further. 
If summer skin finds you needing a product to nurture and support your complexion, there's no need to look any further, Daily Elements Defense is the answer to a gorgeous complexion! Here’s a little tip; if you’re anything like me and always looking to super boost your serums, try adding three or four drops of DED into your Modern Radiance Concentrate for a power-packed Vitamin C treatment increasing luminosity all summer long. 

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