Introducing Makeup-Free Fridays at Follain

And founder Tara's favorite ways to free herself.

Do you dare? We do! Part of the whole Follain approach is getting your skin as happy and glowing as possible, so that makeup can be something fun to play with, not a coverup or a crutch. If you need a little inspiration, just Google “makeup-free Alicia Keys.”

When Tara plans to go makeup-free, she says “I want my skin to look as good (and glowy) as possible.”

Treat yourself to a mask, polish, or exfoliation the night before (she uses our Epi Peel, Problem Solver, or Purifying Manuka Mask). Without the benefit of red lipstick - the instant smile-brightener, you may also opt for a Thursday night teeth whitening treatment (with activated charcoal capsules instead of toxic bleaching trays).

And “if I reeeeally have the time” in the morning, Tara will indulge in a hydrating mask (like the Herbal Hydration Complex or the Healing Manuka Mask) over her morning coffee.

Given all that, she’ll skip the real face washing and use just a splash of water in the morning, followed by a spritz of Hydrating Accelerator. Since minerals in makeup can protect against free radicals from the sun, she suggests bare faces get a glowy face oil that has antioxidants, like Daily Elements Defense or Raw is Everything Antioxidant Treatment Oil.

The finishing touch? A couple seconds with the eyelash curler.

Going makeup-free may feel strange at first, but soon that changes to “strangely liberating.” Give it a try, and show us that fresh face on instagram @shopfollain with #makeupfreefridays.

See you - and your glow - there!

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