#givingtuesday: We’re with you, Silent Spring Institute

Today we’re giving 5% of all proceeds from the day’s sales to Silent Spring Institute.

It’s rare to be part of a business that also does something good for the world. It happens to be why most of us work here - to contribute to a movement toward a healthier beauty.

We love the idea of a day when we can double the good. And we didn’t have to look far for the organization that would make a very deserving beneficiary.

Silent Spring came into being in 1994, after Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition members called for a scientific investigation into the increased breast cancer rates on Cape Cod. Silent Spring was named for tribute to Rachel Carson, whose landmark book launched the modern environmental movement just two years before its author died of breast cancer.

Silent Spring is an organization of scientists in partnership with physicians, public health and community advocates to identify and break the links between environmental chemicals and women’s health, especially breast cancer. Based in Newton, MA, the organization has impressed us for years with it’s very tangible work. If you haven’t already, download its free mobile app, Detox Me - the detox me action kit. We’re all excited to use this kit to check our own levels of common toxins.

Follain has been fortunate to have Silent Spring’s research head Kathryn Rodgers here on the blog and in the store multiple times for events to help educate us on the effects of everyday toxins on our health. Tomorrow she’ll be in our Beacon Hill store for an event with Dr. Sarah Villafranco, founder of Osmia Organics, speaking how to “Detox your life.” And all holiday season, we’re also offering beautiful custom holiday wrapping paper kits in store - also to benefit Silent Spring.

If you do one thing today, we hope you’ll shop for a long list of friends and stock all your essentials, or make you first Follain purchase - and let friends know too (#givingtuesday). We’ll be happy writing a check to such a worthy organization thanks to your efforts. Today of all days “doing some damage” actually does a lot of good.

Check out our special holiday giftwrap, 100% of the proceeds of each $8 bundle go directly to Silent Spring Institute.

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  • Nov 29, 2016

    I did damage today and i dont even feel bad! Today was the first time i ever shopped at Follain and it wont be my last. Ive tried my hardest to keep my footprint to a minimum by using eco friendly non toxic minimal ingredient products aswell as making sure i recycle or resuse everything i can. I initially popped in to browse because Ive never heard of the store… but you guys had me at refillable soap bottles. Everytime i throw out plastic bottles or plastic any type of packaging it breaks my heart. The fact that you guys are carrying and supporting local and made in the U.S.A. products means alot to me because I also try to by local and U.S. made products I love that I can look up who makes it where and how. Transparency and ethical practices are high up on my list and you guys hit it all on the nail!! Thanks so much and like i said it wont be my last time popping in


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