Feast Your Eyes: Fashion Roundup, Follain-Style

We aren’t much for trends. It’s about what’s real, what works, what feeds your self and soul. But we can still have a little (healthy) fun as we wrap September and all things fashion.

  1. Velvet : When it comes to makeup, a velvety finish usually comes from harmful chemicals. We’re having none of that. OUR VELVETS
  2. Bold Florals: We love how flowers look, and we love their restorative properties even more. FLORAL INGREDIENTS
  3. Chokers: 90s style neck jewelry? Maybe. Pampering our neck? Definitely. After all, it’s holding our head up. That’s worth some love. NECK NURTURERS
  4. Pink and purple: Lipstick is a favorite way to play with color. Since you’ll ingest 7 pounds of it (!) make sure it’s nontoxic. PINK AND PURPLE
  5. Pearls: When you think of healthy skin, you think about that certain … glow. It radiates from the inside out, and it need not involve (insert bad glow ingredients here). PEARLY GLOW GETTERS
  6. Hoodies: Easy and cozy? This is a trend we like. Added bonus, hoodies are yet another way to reduce our weekly hair washes and dries. Better for hair, better for the world. Our other tricks? Lighter shampoos and conditioners, and dry shampoo for in between days. STYLE EXTENDERS
Of course the best accessory is confidence. And luckily, that never stops trending.

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