Exfoliating 101 - The Can't-Miss Step to Perfect Skin

How often are you exfoliating? We ask this question a lot when customers come into our shops. The reason why? This one easy step can make all the difference between a good complexion and a truly amazing, radiant, glowing, awesome complexion. It also happens to be one of the more mystifying steps in the skincare ritual. 

To clear up any confusion, we’ve put together an easy to digest lesson: Exfoliating 101

When should you be exfoliating?
At least once a week, but you can do up to three depending on the sensitivity of your skin (ultra sensitive types should stick to once a week). Exfoliating is a big part of our own “Sunday-Self-Care” routine, so if you’re new to exfoliating, we suggest starting there. And Instagram about it!  (In case you missed it, #FollainSundaySelfCare is where it’s at.) 

Why should you be exfoliating?
Let us count the ways. 

  1. This is one of our favorite reasons - exfoliating allows your skin to absorb your products better, and if you’re investing serious funds in a high quality face serum, you’re definitely going to want to make sure your skin is absorbing it. When you exfoliate away the dead cells that naturally accumulate on the surface of the skin, your products are able to more easily penetrate the layers of the skin. 
  2. It helps to unblock pores! Clogged pores don’t just come from dirt and oil - dead skin cells often block our pores, trapping bacteria underneath the skin, leading to breakouts. 
  3. It helps to increase circulation! You know how your skin can sometime look a little gray and dull? The physical action of exfoliating helps to increase blood flow to the surface of the skin allowing for a more healthy, rosy hue to shine thorough. 
  4. It helps to speed up cell renewal to reveal fresh and healthier skin cells (aka: that glow we’re always striving for). 
  5. It helps our skin stay more hydrated! When new cells are brought to the surface of the skin, they carry with them essential lipids that make our skin look and feel more hydrated.

What should you be exfoliating with? - Follain-approved Exfoliants 

Powdered or pre-mixed, scrubs are a great way to manually remove dead skin cells and built up debris. Follain approved scrubs are ALWAYS free of plastic microbeads and instead, use botanical ingredients like organic sugar, walnut shell hulls and jojoba oil beads. You may notice that many of our scrubs are in powder form. They do require a little extra effort on the user side, but that extra step is where the magic lives. All of our powder based exfoliants can be mixed with the desired level of water to create the consistency that feels right for your face. You can also mix them with any number of great skin-feeding ingredients - our favorites are raw honey or a touch of olive oil. Powders are all about customization and we love ‘em for it. Check out May Lindstrom’s Clean Dirt if you want the added brightening effect of water-activated vitamin C, or Farmaesthetics' Sweet Milk and Lavender Exfoliant if you want a more gently soothing, milky experience. (Seriously how good does that sound?)

Just scoop and scrub! These guys are easy, and definitely decadent. Follain's mask/exfoliant hybrids feed your skin loads of beneficial nutrients while also using ingredients like papaya enzymes to dissolve dead skin cells. Check out Josh Rosebrook's Active Enzyme Exfoliant or the Indie Lee Clearing Mask for a little enzyme action. La Bella Figura's Purifying Manuka Mask and Vered’s Le Chocolat Citrus Foaming Facial Scrub use nourishing oils and botanicals to feed the skin and organic sugar or sea salt to gently scrub away surface skin cells. 

We love incorporating tools into the mix! A gentle brush or sponge can quickly turn your favorite cleanser into an exfoliating experience that's gentle enough to use every day.  We love the One Love Organics Cleansing Sponge and the Beridan Naturals Hand Held Brush for your daily dose of scrub. 

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  • Oct 02, 2016

    An old-fashioned rough washcloth and grape seed oil is the way to go. I scrub my face every night like this before I apply my serum and my face looks great each morning.

    — Kate

  • Aug 15, 2016

    So helpful!! Thank you for posting :)

    — Emily

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