Meet the Maker: Josh Rosebrook

Follain Meet the Maker: Josh Rosebrook

Josh Rosebrook pours tons of thought, love, and intention into his products. You can just feel the ultra high-vibe, healthy, good energy that radiates out of every formula. We're grateful and excited to welcome Josh back to Follain DC and Boston for visits this week, on April 26th and 28th, respectively. To prep for the visits, we sat down with Josh to pick his brain about hair health, mind-body-soul connection, and even his favorite reads. Enjoy!

Describe to us how Josh Rosebrook gets ready for the day.

As soon as I wake, I begin my focus on all that I appreciate in my life.  Starting with my bed, my home, my family, friends and dog, and deep gratitude for all the freedom and love in my life. This sets the tone for me for the whole day to be in the vibration of my truest self.  Next up, a cup of coffee, a 30 minute meditation and then I move on to applying Hydrating Accelerator, Deep Hydrating Serum (soon-to-be renamed: Active Infusion Serum) and my Nutrient Day Cream. Finally, checking my emails and walking Cora.

Follain Meet the Maker: Josh Rosebrook

Can you talk to us about what makes your hair products so great for those with scalp issues? 

Scalp issues, like skin, are always to be addressed holistically. We have to gather comprehensive information about the customer to gain a complete understanding of their issue. The client’s lifestyle, stress level, diet and the products they currently use are necessary to consider in order to address scalp issues accurately.  With that, the gentle natural cleansers in my shampoo and conditioner do not disrupt the acid mantle, this is rare, although many brands will say this. Shampoo needs to be pH balanced to work in alignment with the body’s biochemistry. The oil profile I use in my shampoos is crucial to the efficacy as well. I’ve found that certain oils work better on the hair than others and while the right amount of oils will deliver the perfect level of moisture – the herbs in my formula are the concentrated actives that work to treat the scalp. Calming the scalp with anti inflammatory constituents is the most important step in helping a scalp disruption begin healing.  If the inflammation from a psori-matic or ecze-matic condition is not calmed and the scalp is not reset to it’s natural healing function, the condition will persist and total healing evades. That is why so many people experience chronic scalp issues. The scalp needs the right topical treatments and the client's lifestyle components need to be fully considered for true treatment.

What are your thoughts on hair color? Is there a safe option or should we just step up and own our grays? 

Hair color has come a long way in the last 40 years. Many brands are less toxic than they use to be – I won’t use the word “safe.” There are safer semi-permanent hair color brands, but only permanent delivers quality gray coverage. Our appearance is very connected to feeling good about ourselves.  For some people gray hair is not an option and others are very comfortable with it and have gorgeous gray hair.  At the end of the day, do what makes you feel your best. If that means using permanent hair color, which is toxic, (and please don’t tell me you use an “organic” permanent hair color line – it doesn’t exist, although the marketing leads you to believe that it does) once a month to cover your gray makes you feel good, do it! Life is short. And if a person can learn to love their natural color, that is great!

Josh Rosebrook Haircare at Follain

How often we should wash our hair? The information out there can be so confusing!

I wrote a blog about it, check it out here.

What books have you come across that have totally changed your life?

Good question, thank you! Many books have affected me deeply – I will tell you the ones that completely changed my life:

Returning To Oneness and The Marriage Of Spirit – Leslie Temple-Thurston

Bringers Of The Dawn and Path Of Empowerment – Barbara Marciniak

Conversations With God – Neale Donald Walsch

The Art Of Meditation – Joel Goldsmith

I Send A Voice – Evelyn Eaton

The Gods Of Eden – William Bramley

Herbs For Natural Beauty – Rosemary Gladstar

Follain Meet the Maker: Josh Rosebrook

We know meditation is a huge part of your life. Can you talk a bit about how it has changed the way you live your life and do you have any recommendations for those of us who are just starting out?

Meditation connects you to who you really are by allowing you to focus beyond the thoughts of your mind and expand your awareness. You experience yourself as what you really are, as pure consciousness. In this state you awaken to a deep “knowing” that you are eternal and so much more than a transient human body. Meditation wakes you up to the fact that we are energy and everything is energy. We are all one, in an inseparable field of existence, a reality that we are creating of our own, and collectively, by every thought, word, feeling and belief that we carry and allow, disallow, fuel or charge. To begin meditating, just start by sitting comfortably and being aware of your awareness. Try not to judge anything about you or your meditation practice. Let go of thoughts when you are aware you’ve begun thinking and just allow your highest self to guide you. Trust. You will hear guidance on what to keep focused on, knowing and nudges of encouragement – this is your intuition becoming more clear and how you develop the most important “trust” with the Divine.  The rest will reveal itself.  If a person really wants to grow or accelerate spiritually – meditation is the way.

Josh is visiting us at Union Market in DC on Tuesday, 4/26.  Book a one-on-one consult between 2 pm - 5:30 pm by clicking here, or RSVP here for the Meet the Maker event from 6 pm - 8 pm.

Josh will be in Boston on Thursday, 4/28.  Book a one-on-one consult between 2 pm - 5:30 pm by clicking here, or RSVP here for the Meet the Maker event from 6 pm - 8 pm.

We look forward to seeing you!


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