Meet the Maker: Shannon Vaughn of Pursoma

Follain Meet the Maker:  Shannon Vaughn of Pursoma

The word "detox" is thrown around a lot these days and sometimes the true message of the importance of detoxification gets lost in the shuffle - that's definitely not the case with Shannon Vaughn, founder of Pursoma. She take her detox practices and her purifying products seriously, it's no wonder her intensely detoxifying bath treatments have become some of your Follain faves. Ahead of her visit this Saturday to our Beacon Hill shop, we asked Shannon to give us the scoop on how to survive our urban existence without getting total toxic overload. But seriously, we could listen to her talk about this all day (and yes, we probably will).  

We understand Pursoma came to life after a medical diagnosis led you on your own intensive detox journey. Can you share some of the more significant things you learned on your path to wellness?

I learned that self-care is the most crucial part of your overall health maintenance. If you do not integrate the practice of self-care, like maintaining exercise, diet, and a spiritual or mental practice to ease the mind while strengthening the body, then at some point you’re going to crash.

You've traveled all over the world to study different methods of healing. What would you say are the top 3 things people are doing in healthier cultures in the world that the rest of us are missing out on? 

Family meals. I think we in America are so super focused on activities, hobbies and sports (in families with kids) that we don’t eat together. I think it’s so important and healthy for everyone to have that time together to catch up on what everyone else is doing (without the use of smart phones).

Eating more slowly. I think that most cultures tend to eat slower and more deliberately (with fewer distractions) and mealtime is more sacred.

As a New Yorker I walk a lot, and in suburban and rural parts of the world people walk, but in America I think that residents outside urban areas don’t walk much. There is so much to be said for walking, not just as an exercise, but really as a way to calm the mind; it is therapeutic both physically and mentally.

Pursoma Hot Tub Bath

Let’s talk about detox. What about Pursoma bath soaks makes them a next-level detox experience?

Well, I love that you’re calling it a detox experience. We try to let our customers know that this is a wellness experience and we are just using the bath as a way to get into your system. The quality and purity of our ingredients makes our treatments truly unique in that all the ingredients are not only completely non-toxic but they are also healing and rejuvenating. 

We’re obsessed with the Digital Detox Bath though many of our customers have questions about why this type of detox is so essential. Can you give us the 411 on digital detoxification?

Well, there are these things called EMFs - the frequencies that are around us that we can’t see, feel or hear that our electronic devices are constantly giving off. They are minor but when exposed to them as closely as we are with our cell phones and for long periods of time they can have a negative impact on our systems. I would highly recommend eating lots of greens and seaweed if possible (think seaweed salad or rolls with nori). These are rich in chlorophyll and vegetables help to buffer the effects of radiation on our systems. The baths aim to do 3 things: sweat out this toxicity; pull it out of the system; and provide a break from electronics and the EMFs they emit. Taking the bath as a treatment and as instructed, you should not be on your phone or any other gadget while you are soaking!!!! Thus, a Digital Detox. Have a look at the Urban Toxicity section of our website to learn more about radiation and easy steps to take to protect yourself and your family.

Let’s say one lives in a tiny apartment and doesn’t have a bath (in Boston proper, that’s a lot of us, sigh). Are there any alternative detox tips you can give those who don’t have easy access to a tub?

We’re really excited about a new collection we’ve been working on called Pursoma Botanicals, which feature beautiful blends of essential oils that are added to our French grey sea salt and seaweed/algae blends. One of the products is called Bain de Pied, which is a phenomenal foot bath that any one can use, even without a tub. It’s set to launch at the end of spring/early summer!  We also just introduced a handheld jute dry brush that you can use everyday.  It helps circulation, promotes a healthy lymphatic system and removes dry skin from the surface of your body and can be taken and used anywhere. It’s great to use before applying our Earthbound Body Mask (which is best done in the shower – no need for a bathtub!) that helps tone and detoxify your skin from winter dryness. Spring/Summer is actually the perfect time to use a dry brush and Earthbound Body Mask to shed winter build up and for beautiful, healthy looking skin. 

And finally, what products make up your Follain Five (aka, your five favorite products from Follain)?

I love Indie Lee as a person and think her Brightening Cleanser is awesome. I really enjoy the Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask and think it has helped my post baby hair tremendously.  I generally wear essential oils for scent, but have loved using LURK's natural fragrances recently, and RSW 005 goes with me everywhere. I use most of my makeup from W3LL PEOPLE; their mascara is great and doesn’t irritate my eyes or run when I am in meetings or in yoga. And lastly, ILIA - I own at least four of the lip crayons. I alternate and always keep them in my bag or office desk. It’s amazing how well they stay on. Natural beauty has come so far in the past few years; it’s wonderful how many amazing choices there are. 

Shannon Vaughn's Follain Five

Meet Shannon at Follain Beacon Hill
65 Charles Street, Boston, MA 02114
Saturday, April 2nd, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Space is limited, so RSVP here!

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