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Follain Beauty Blotter

In this edition of Beauty Blotter: everything you need to know about natural moisturizers, the #1 makeup mistake women make according to a green beauty expert, why BPA-free doesn't necessarily mean safe, hazardous chemicals in outerwear, one of our brand founders' super simple skincare routines, and more!

Three women changing the game in 2016, including our very own Tara Foley.  BeautyLiesTruth

The #1 makeup mistake women make (plus why consuming dairy is a big no-no when it comes to skin) according to Shirley Pinkson, co-founder of W3LL PEOPLE.  mindbodygreen

Naturally mood-boosting DIY room sprays.  We'll be trying the Lime Motivating Mist, thank you.  The Chalkboard Mag

Five foods that help fight hormonal acne from the inside out, including kimchi.  mindbodygreen

...and five natural topical treatments for acne suggested by W+G readers, including one of our most nourishing cleansers.  Well+Good

Hidden hazardous chemicals found by Greenpeace in many outdoor gear companies, including Patagonia and The North Face.  Yikes.  Magnifeco

BPA alternatives might be just as bad for us, if not worse.  inhabitat

In case you needed a reminder, fragrance is really bad for us.  Mother Jones

S.W. Basics' founder Adina Grigore's no-frills skincare routine.  Well+Good

Literally everything you need to know about healthy moisturizers by #FollainFam member Alexandria Byers.  literally, everything

"The serum that will change your skin forever."  Can anyone guess?  It's one of our favorites!  mindbodygreen

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