Follain Winter Skin Saviors - Part One: Body
Follain Winter Skin Saviors Part One


Well, it’s everyone’s favorite time of year. Time when we frantically check The Weather Channel to see just where that storm will hit. Time when the four o’clock sun appears to be the holiest light we’ve seen, but then vanishes in an instant. Time when staying in over the weekend becomes socially acceptable...sweatpants and chill. It can be rough, we know. On top of all this, you're probably also wondering how to keep your skin soft and supple. From the harsh cold air outside to the dry heat inside, a humidifier can only do so much. [side note: humidifiers are actually a total game changer so if you’ve been waiting to indulge, NOW is the time.] 

When it comes to dry winter skin remedies, we're here to help, and we'd like to begin the discussion with body care. First up, exfoliation is key. You can slather on oils, lotions, butters, and balms multiple times a day, to zero relief, if there's a build-up of dead skin cells blocking their absorption. Exfoliation comes in various forms. Here are some of our favorites, for revealing fresh, soft skin.

Follain Winter Skin Saviors Dry Brush Sea Sponge and Natural Washcloth

Dry Brushing

It doesn’t get more natural than a dry brush. Dry brushing offers a quick and effective method to gently sweep off dead skin cells and clear the way for moisture to penetrate. It also promotes circulation, lymphatic drainage, and detoxification by stimulating blood flow big time. Remember to always dry brush in small circular motions, beginning at your ankles and wrists, and moving towards your heart. The whole process shouldn't take more than a minute, and you can do it while the shower heats up. 

Sea Sponge & Washcloths 

If dry brushing seems a little intense, a natural sea sponge or washcloth might be just what you need. Much gentler, yet still effective, a sea sponge paired with your favorite castile soap will softly exfoliate and restore skin smoothness. Our washcloths serve the same purpose: they're gentler than a dry brush, but still much more exfoliating than a sea sponge. The fine, natural sisal fibers of our washcloth provide the perfect amount of exfoliation, really.Follain Winter Skin Saviors Natural Body Scrubs


At Follain, we love our scrubs. We carry a variety to suit every need, and you can rest assured that all of them are just as safe -- for you and the environment -- as they are indulgent. Sugar-based scrubs are a favorite for winter skin, since sugar is a natural humectant that helps lock in moisture. Sugar also melts into the skin, whereas salt is a little rougher and tougher. All of our scrubs have tons of oil too, so before you even step out of the shower, you'll be working hard to hydrate your skin. We love Organic Bath Co.’s unscented Naked Scrub for sensitive skin, Indie Lee’s Coconut Citrus Body Scrub for an at-home vacation, and Soapwalla’s Almond Luxe Body Polish for ultimate sweetness (it smells like a macaron)! Use a scrub on dry skin for deepest oil absorption, or on damp skin for a lighter moisture veil. A little goes a long way, so start with pinches at a time as opposed to handfuls that you might just drop and waste. Another good rule of thumb when using body scrubs is to run the water for just a few seconds longer at the end of your shower, to help clear the tub of slippery leftovers.

Body Moisturizers

Our body moisturizers come in all shapes and sizes—we have lotions, creams, butters, balms, and oils. How to decide what’s right for you? Allow us to break it down.

Follain Winter Skin Saviors Natural Body Oils


Body oils are popular for their ease of use and absorption speed. For deepest penetration, a body oil is best applied to damp skin just after a bath or shower.  Farmaesthetics' Midnight Honey Bath and Beauty Oil is a favorite among staff and customers, because it's richly moisturizing, subtly-scented, and can actually be applied during or after the shower. Tammy Fender’s Lavender Body Oil is a great choice when you're looking to relax—it's equally soothing as it is moisturizing. May Lindstrom takes the hydration a step further with The Good Stuff by adding a luxurious glow-y golden sheen to the skin—perfect before a night out (or in…wink) or really any time you want to indulge your skin.

Follain Winter Skin Saviors Natural Body Lotions


Body lotions offer hydration without feeling too slippery. We love Rahua’s Body Lotion for it’s omega-rich, skin elasticity-improving formula; Farmaesthetics’ Nourishing Lavender Body Milk for a soothing, relaxing treat; and Earth Tu Face’s Jasmine Blossom Lotion for a hit of botanical moisture that allows you to skip any other fragrance. This one is great for date nights too, as night-blooming jasmine is a known aphrodisiac!

Follain Winter Skin Saviors Natural Body Butters


Body butters take the hydration up a notch. They are much richer and denser than any other moisturizer in store. Rica’s Body Butter literally flies off our shelves. Its whipped, lightweight texture and subtle scent make it a crowd favorite. Earth Tu Face’s Coconut Body Butter is an indulgent, sweet-and-spicy treat that feels like a slice of heaven (or your favorite coconut cake). Organic Bath Co.’s Drenched Body Butter is an unscented option based in shea butter, and supremely nourishing for even the driest skin.

Follain Winter Skin Saviors Natural Body Balms


Body balms are a hybrid between an oil, butter, and lotion. Our balms are usually based in healing oils, and they melt into the skin for advanced hydration. Osea’s Anti-Aging Body Balm has been a best-seller since we launched the Malibu-based line, and it’s unique gel-to-oil formula indulges the skin with a rich veil of moisture. This incredible product fights skin aging with peptides and has a remarkably uplifting light, citrus scent from grapefruit and lemon peel. Skincando’s Combat-Ready Balm is another cult status product at Follain. This multi-purpose balm helps soothe tons of skin ailments, from minor cuts and scrapes to eczema and dry patches. Bonus: Combat-Ready Balm comes in a formula for babies and kids — perfect for the most sensitive skin on our little loved ones. The only difference between the two is that the babies formula includes chamomile tea instead of black tea. 

That does it for this first installment of our three part series, "Follain Winter Skin Saviors." Stay tuned for winter skin saviors for the face, hair, and more! Please share any of your own skin-saving tips and tricks in the comments.

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