Follain's Great Gift Picks for Under $30

Great gifts come in all sizes and prices, and many of our Follain favorites don’t break the bank! The options are endless but and we’ve put together a list to get your gift vibes flowing. Check out our team member picks for the greatest gifts under $30!

Happy Gifting! Gift Guide Day 5

1. Elissa’s PickBar soap and Soap Tray by Saipua and the hand-held brush by Baudelaire

Why she loves it: “This is a great little gift to brighten up a kitchen or bathroom sink, plus Saipua has a scent for everyone.”

2. Natalie’s pick - Arabian Knights Lip Conditioner by Ilia.

Why she loves it: “It's a color that looks just a tad different - but so good - on everyone. And it’s also super hydrating.”

3. Angelica’s pick - Dry Brush by Baudelaire

Why she loves it: “It’s the best natural exfoliation that also helps to detoxify the body.”

4. Alyse’s pickCombat-Ready Balm by Skincando

Why she loves it: “This is the ultimate solution for dry, irritable winter skin. It’s the best hand cream you'll find and it's a gem for anyone who spends the holidays in the kitchen because it can salvage hands that have been ravaged by too much dish-washing.”

5. Ashley’s Pick - Follain 8oz soap bottles

Why she loves it: “You can't go wrong, who doesn't love healthy, deliciously smelling hand soap that comes in a refillable bottle!”

6. Jenna’s pickSun Balm & Moon Balm lip duo by Hurraw

Why she loves it: “It’s a powerhouse lip-healing pair! Awesome protection for day, calming hydration for night.”


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