Follain's Gift Guide for the Guys!

Finding that gift for your favorite guy that won’t end up in the garage or the back of the closet is one of the biggest gifting challenges of the season. Thankfully, our Follain team has compiled a list of game-changing gifts he’ll definitely love.

Let’s get gifting!

Guys Gifts

1. Alyse’s Pick - Hoppin' Fresh Deodorant by Ursa Major

Why she loves it: “Guys are getting more and more clued in to the importance of clean skincare but getting a man put on deodorant with his fingers still a pretty big ask.  Now there is finally a clean, healthy deodorant in a stick that works, doesn't need any time to dry, and smells like heaven. Get one for your favorite guy and one for yourself; it's that good!”

2. Laura’s pick - Organic Soothing Gel by Dr. Alkaitis

Why She loves it: “It’s a great earthy-scented post shave that is super healing, particularly for aggravated or acneic skin.”

3. Sarah’s Pick - Rosewood, Cedar and Clay Soap Bar by Soapwalla

Why she loves it: “The classic, no-fuss guy will love this easy face cleansing and shaving soap bar, and you’ll love the smell!”

4. Angelica’s Pick - Beard Balm

Why she loves it: “It keeps mans favorite winter accessory (his beard) looking and feeling good!”

5. Jenna’s Pick - Renewing Face Scrub by Brickell

Why she loves it: “It’s an easy-to-use scrub for product squeamish guys. They’ll love the way it exfoliates and hydrates their dry winter skin.”

6. Natalie’s pick - Post Shave Tonic by Crux Supply Co. 

Why she loves it: “It’s a safe alternative that still makes them feel spoiled. Plus, the packaging is beautiful!” 


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