Meet the Maker: Trish Alkaitis of Dr. Alkaitis Holistic Organic Skin Food

Trish Alkaitis

Trish Alkaitis, brand director of Dr. Alkaitis Holistic Organic Skin Food (and daughter of Dr. Saul Alkaitis himself) has one of the most flawless complexions we’ve ever seen. Trish will be the first to tell you that her path to clear skin was a long journey, and that making healthy and wholesome choices has been the key to her success. Tomorrow from 3pm-6pm, Trish will be joining us at our Union Market shop in DC to talk about her line and give tips on how to achieve balanced skin. In anticipation of her visit, we sat down with Trish and she let us in on some of her complexion-perfecting secrets.

Your father, Dr. Alkaitis, is a pioneer in the organic skincare industry. Tell us what sets his brand and formulations apart from the rest.

His formulating guideline was and always will be to only use edible organic, ethically wild-crafted, and biodynamic ingredients. Every single ingredient we use is ingestible. This matters because everything that you put on your skin will penetrate and be delivered right into your bloodstream. 

Being a researcher and chemist first, he made it a goal to never work with chemicals and toxic ingredients because he knows exactly how damaging they are, especially when taken into the body daily through personal care items.

What skin type is the best match for the Dr. Alkaitis line?

Most of the herbs and plants that he works with are adaptogens. This means that the unique group of herbal ingredients used will “adapt” their function according to your body and skin’s specific needs. Our entire line is therefore suitable for all skin conditions.

Overall our line is extremely therapeutic. Between the quality of the ingredients and the living aspect of this line, I find the comment that I hear the most is that people are amazed at how fast they saw a result with using our products, no matter what the issue was.

What was the catalyst for your personal transition to cleaner and safer skincare products?

My personal experience started when I turned 30 years old. Up until then I had pretty flawless skin. When I turned 30 it all went down hill when I developed a terrible case of cystic bleeding acne literally from cheek to cheek. It was devastating, as anyone who suffers from acne will tell you. I tried absolutely everything on the market at that time from holistic to conventional.

I then turned to my father, Dr. Alkaitis, who had just started to create his skin care line in Holland. He sent to me one of his first products, the Soothing Gel. The minute I applied that Gel I felt it’s healing properties. It was the first good night of sleep I had in months because it literally soothed the pain on my skin. This is when I understood that he was up to something really incredible.

What would you say is the rock star product in the Dr. Alkaitis line? Ahhh this is a tough question!

For me personally, the Soothing Gel will always have a special place in my heart. It was quite literally my skin savior.

What advice can you give to those who are struggling with acne prone skin?

  • Don’t pick your skin.
  • Get monthly facials from an experienced and caring esthetician who is not aggressive with the skin.
  • Sleep on 100% cotton pillowcases and change them often.
  • Try to only use natural make-up and especially don’t use make-up that contains silicone. (Major pore blocker).
  • Try to drink a green juice daily.
  • Do a colon cleanse! Most acne is coming from an overload of toxins in the gut and intestines. Clean this up and your skin will clear up.
  • Avoid dairy, sugar, meat, and all packaged foods.
  • Of course, drink lots of fresh filtered water.
  • Practice yoga. This keeps the stress levels in balance and yoga happens to be an excellent way to detox the intestines. All those twists that you do in yoga is helping to eliminate toxins and rebalance the hormones.
  • Use good skin care products, such as ours, that will not further aggravate the skin. One of the biggest mistakes people make with acne is to ‘dry’ it out. This will immediately wreak havoc because your skin will start to over produce oil and create an imbalance.
  • Always remove your make-up before you go to bed.
  • It’s a myth that oil will clog the pores. A good therapeutic oil will actually rebalance the skin and nourish it back to health.
  • Make sure you are eating healthy fats and oils, and taking Omega 3, 6, and 9 for the skin and hair.



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