November Intention

Hi Friends,

Harvest and holiday time has begun, and we couldn’t be happier!  We’re kicking off this month with tons of gratitude for family and friends, and invite you to do the same. This year, I’m particularly grateful for our Follain family, our amazing brands, and our independent business owner friends. Who gets your gratitude this year?

Our Follain family is talented, driven, and passionate, but above all else the team shares an overwhelming desire to change the beauty industry and boost confidence and self esteem around unique beauty. We were SO lucky to have the rare opportunity to gather together for a full (Boston + DC team) family meal recently. It was a great opportunity to unwind, catch up, and express our gratitude for our health, careers, and one another. Check out a short video clip here. I hope you make the opportunity to gather with family and friends this November, too!

I’m also grateful to our strong and passionate brands. They’re our partners in change. Our brands are constantly striving to make their products better – in terms of ingredient safety and efficacy – and the Follain family is so grateful and amazed by what they do! Check out some of our new brands like Kahina Giving Beauty, Vintner's Daughter, and Osea.

Last, but certainly not least, I’m grateful for our many independent business owner friends in Boston, DC, Nantucket, New York, and so many other spots. We’re grateful to be surrounded by many passionate business owners that have taken the risk to leave 9-5 jobs to pursue something they love; something where they can make a difference. Not only do we love partnering on events with these business friends (check out our long November event list), but we also love exchanging advice and war stories with them, too!

This is all to say, we can’t get through this crazy life – or crazy business – alone.  No matter who you are, or what you do, strong friends and family support can make all the difference. Follain is all about supporting change for peoples’ health, yet we couldn’t grow or even stay in business if it weren’t for so many amazing people. You know who you are... Thank you for your support this November, and always! 



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