Meet the Maker: Bennett Coffey, Not Your Sugar Mamas

Most people don't think of chocolate as an ultra-antioxidant superfood. Then again, most people don't make chocolate like our friends Bennett and Ky. Their Martha's Vineyard based company, Not Your Sugar Mamas, celebrates the natural nutritional value of raw chocolate by sourcing the best ingredients in the world, and not diluting them with cheap fillers. Sounds a bit like our Follain brands, don't you think? 

To help harness the Halloween spirit this week, we've invited Not Your Sugar Mama's to our Beacon Hill shop for a special Meet the Maker & chocolate tasting event! Come by on Saturday from 12-3pm to meet these passionate and inspiring founders and sample some of their most popular flavors. In the meantime, check out our interview with Bennett below to get a taste of her chocolate making journey.   

The Makers of Not Your Sugar Mama's Chocolate

What inspired you to start your own business and why chocolate? 

I think there was a part of me that always knew I would do my own thing. I've never really been able to throw myself into something unless I had a true passion for it. Once I attended holistic nutrition school after college, I discovered there that my passion lies in improving the health and happiness of others. Chocolate acts as the vehicle to start that conversation. My school introduced me to raw chocolate and I had no idea what it was. Most people probably don't know what real chocolate really is. Raw cacao is one of the healthiest foods on the planet and I wanted to share the amazing effects with others and teach people about one of the world's healthiest superfoods. 

What makes your chocolate different, other than the fact that it’s the most delicious stuff ever?

Most chocolate is heated at really high temperatures, killing off the nutritional value almost entirely. Processed sugars, dairy and preservatives are then added which deplete the antioxidant value and diminish the vitamins and minerals in the chocolate. We source only raw, organic ingredients and keep our processing at extremely low temperatures to keep the nutritional value of the chocolate intact. We don't use any dairy so our chocolate is pure, dark chocolate with 3x more antioxidants than any traditional chocolate bar. 

You chose Martha’s Vineyard as the headquarters for your chocolate empire, what makes the island such a great place to grow a business?

Martha's Vineyard is a really great community full of creative entrepreneurs. It's the type of place that gives you the freedom to make your own way. We don't have big businesses here so you have to get really creative with how you make a living. Because there are so many people doing their own thing, the community is really supportive of local businesses and recognizes the importance of supporting their community. We have felt supported and encouraged from day 1, we have been really blessed. 

What words of wisdom do you have for other budding female entrepreneurs?

I think what everything boils down to is your frame of mind. Success is possible for anyone who just doesn't give up. It's really important to keep yourself happy and healthy so that burnout doesn't happen too soon or too often. When you have a healthy mindset, you are more determined, energized and excited about what you are doing and refuse to give up on your dream. When your motivation is attached to a higher purpose that will be the fuel that keeps you going in high times and low times.

What is your most popular flavor?

Salted caramel!

What are you going to be for Halloween?

I'm the type of person who throws a costume together the day of halloween. Last year I was a lady pimp...

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