If you MUST scrub, do it with jojoba beads, NOT plastic!
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Bravo to California for officially banning plastic microbeads in exfoliants, as of last week! There are three things you need to know about the state's new law: 1) the ban is a result of research finding trillions of plastic microbeads released into the water system daily, almost entirely from face and body exfoliants; 2) ) it doesn't take effect until January 2020, so Californians and everyone else still must take purchasing "votes" into their own hands until then; and 3) if you're addicted to scrubs, there are still healthy ways -- for you and the planet -- to get your scrub on!

Some of our favorite face and body scrubs use jojoba beads or sugar, instead of plastic microbeads. Same feel and effect, just 100% better for the planet. 

Brickell face scrub - says it's for men, but it's becoming even more popular among female customer and team members! 

Tammy Fender epi peel - our famous five minute "facial in a jar" 

Vered foaming face scrub - smells like chocolate and the sugar exfoliants melt into a foam on your skin!

SW Basics exfoliant - sometimes simple is best. This one has three ingredients and gets the job done -- especially for more sensitive skin types!

Organic Bath Co. body scrubs - organic, fair trade sugar with the perfect balance of oils

Also, side note: please don't ever, ever over-scrub your face! Whether you use a "safe" scrub or not, many people end up hurting their skin (making it sensitive and thinning it out) by over-scrubbing. Scrubs with any kind of beads are called "mechanical exfoliants." Many sensitive skin types just shouldn't use these at all. Everyone should exfoliate -- to remove the layers of grit, grime, and dead skin that will block the absorption of potent serums, oils, etc. -- but not all exfoliants are manual. Some of our favorite enzyme and clay exfoliants are below. These all work simply by sitting on the skin, absorbing, and resurfacing the bad stuff! 

Indie Lee brightening cleanser - let this sit on your skin for 5-10 minutes and the enzymes will exfoliate away without scrubbing!

La Bella Figura manuka mask - incredibly gentle yet effective raw honey mask that will absorb toxins and then has small beads (made of willow bark powder!) that will scrub the nasties away

May Lindstrom problem solver - our most popular "hot mask" that does some serious work to detox and purify your skin over 45 minutes. 

Personally, I use one of each (scrub and enzyme mask) per week. I rotate between the products above, but my non-sensitive skin likes a little bit of both to get clean. No matter whether you use the products above, or something else, remember that each product you buy is a vote for your health and the planet, so make it a good one!

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