The Follain Makeup Philosophy: Recognize Your Own Beauty

During the month of September, we’ll be talking about makeup often, in an effort to raise awareness of the physical and emotional differences between our makeup, and the conventional nonsense out there.

At Follain, our philosophy is to use makeup AFTER skincare, as an added bonus to enhance our own natural beauty.

When I first opened Follain, we didn’t even carry makeup. I had such limited funds, and had a choice: sell additional skincare, or makeup. Makeup was never the priority for Follain, and it never will be.

Now that we do carry makeup, it will ALWAYS take a back seat to skin care and self-love.

The U.S. beauty industry is mainly in the business of selling products that are unnecessary, and toxic to both our physical and emotional health. The products play off of our insecurities, and the nasty ingredients’ effect on your skin and health only adds to the need for more makeup. THIS IS NOT OKAY!

We are ALL beautiful, and we should stop trying to fit a certain image! In fact, when we care for our bodies – inside and outside – we’re the most beautiful.

Here’s to a month of literally thinking outside of the box, and “uncovering” our own beauty. Makeup isn’t going anywhere. We hope you use it, but do so with caution, care, and respect for yourself and others! The ingredients in makeup are so important -- you are literally wearing it all day long!

If you want to learn more about our makeup philosophy, and how to use and apply our unique products -- mainly based in oils and minerals -- make sure to check out our in-store event schedule or book a one-on-one appointment with one of our in-store artists!



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