Expert Advice: Safe and Sustainable, from Bathroom to Bedroom

As you know, we strive to live our “healthy, wholesome, sound” principles throughout life, and we love nothing more than an opportunity to share new info to help you do the same. When we met the lovely Meika Hollender, co-founder of Sustain (with her eco-celeb Dad, Jeff Hollender) at our Beacon Hill shop, we were shocked and appalled to discover the health, sustainability, and ladies rights issues connected to condom and lubricant companies out there…you need to know these too!

The three biggest things that set Sustain apart from others:

  • Fair trade certified rubber – Most latex comes from rubber trees, and there is only one fair trade rubber plantation in the world; it’s in Southern India. Sustain latex is from this plantation, obviously, where they treat their employees with healthcare, education, and care!
  • No nitrosamines – The chemical reaction to create latex condoms releases a byproduct called nitrosamine, which is in 95% of the other condoms out there. Nitrosamines are a harmful carcinogen!
  • No petroleum or other harmful ingredients - Almost every lubricant out there contains parabens and other harmful ingredients, too. You’ve heard us explain why it’s so bad to apply these ingredients on your skin, so you can imagine how bad they are to be inside of you! The ingredients completely disrupt your ecosystem in there, and can cause pretty nasty bacterial infections! Yuck!

          I’ve been inspired by Jeff Hollender for ages now – since way before launching Follain – and knew that when he and Meika launched Sustain, it was going to be big. No surprise, the Hollender’s original mission for Sustain seriously impressed. After leaving Seventh Generation, Jeff wanted to create a net positive product; a product that was critical (there’s no other way to prevent STDs than condoms) rather than another product that people might like, but didn’t need…in turn, creating less unnecessary waste. Meika jumped at the opportunity to join forces with her Dad so she could work on women’s health issues. She had an eye-opening experience working on the feminine care products at Seventh Generation (we’ll save this for another post), and knew there were so many overlooked areas of women’s health and education.

          If you think this post doesn’t apply to you, you’re wrong! We all need to know what’s in the products out there – whether we use them now, in the future, or our friends and family use them. The choices we make with every single product purchase can effect our health and our future. Let’s make better choices when we can, friends!

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