Experience the Beauty of May Lindstrom – Inside and Out

There’s something extra special about May Lindstrom. The moment I laid eyes on her standout packaging, I knew I had to try what was inside. Much to my delight, the product was just as rich, beautiful, and powerful as the packaging. These products are a phenomenal representation of their maker, who we had the opportunity to meet in person for the first time last week. What an honor to be able to experience and learn about May Lindstrom -- a true beauty, inside and out.

May has been formulating skincare products since she was a little girl, playing in the mud where she grew up in Minnesota. May had “many lives” before she began bottling up her potions to share with others: she was a chef, a model, and a makeup artist before she got started. Her path along the way to May Lindstrom skincare was not easy; May was poor for much of those lives, even living out of her car for a portion of that journey. She oozes passion and never does anything “just a little bit.” You can feel this each time you open and use one of her stunning products.

May’s very first product – the Good Stuff body oil – was formulated on a whim when she was a makeup artist. Her personal goal each day was to boost the models’ confidence when they had to show so much skin, and this delicious shimmery body serum worked! “Fabric free lingerie” May calls it; could you imagine a better name for this special potion? The models demanded more, and May realized she was onto something! She added in a few more of her favorite formulas from home – the Clean Dirt, Problem Solver, and Youth Dew – and debuted her line after two years selecting the best packaging and ingredients (now that’s commitment)!

Our favorite of May Lindstrom’s many lessons last week, was to “bookend your day with happiness.” Our days can be filled with so much stress, but when you love yourself, take care of yourself, and treat yourself to beautiful rituals, the craziness all washes away at the end of the day. This is why we should all create our own cleansing rituals!

May Lindstrom’s entire line of products can be used by any skin type. They are all helpful treatments for the skin dilemmas we face from stress, environment, hormones, and everything in between. We learned the proper way to mix the amazing Clean Dirt and Problem Solver treatments (come in-store to learn yourself!) and we found out that the peroxide effect of honey and water (from colloidal silver) in the Honey Mud makes it great for those with acne-prone skin too!

As most of you know, the Blue Cocoon has been one of my all-time favorite products for a while now. I carry it with me wherever I go. Literally, it’s in my computer bag and by my bed! When May walked through all of the products last week I discovered why I’m so obsessed with this product and why it so stealthily became a key player in my own personal ritual: the blue tansy in this moisturizing, calming, redness-relieving treatment also eases the mind. I needed the Blue Cocoon for more reasons than I realized. Thank goodness for May Lindstrom, her passion, and her products. We can’t wait to visit with her again!

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