A "Meet the Maker" and Mini-Facials with Farmaesthetics

It was such an honor to host Farmaesthetics founder Brenda Brock and her team for a Meet the Maker event on our first Saturday at the beautiful new Follain store in Beacon Hill!  

Not only is Brenda a pioneer of the recent spa-grade American-made healthy beauty tradition, she is also so important to me personally, as a mentor and friend.  When I was in business school trying to decide whether or not to launch a healthy beauty store, Brenda was one of the first people I met with to see if she thought Follain was a good idea.  During that visit, she shared her story with me, and she inspired me to go for it.  You can imagine how excited and honored I was to have Brenda in the new store this weekend!

So many people are catching onto healthy, wholesome, sound beauty products now, but Brenda has been making these products for herself since she was a young girl – on the Texas farm where she was raised – and professionally, for the past 15 years.  Her company, Farmaesthetics, is deeply rooted in American herbal tradition, which supports the use of whole herb ingredients (not just essential oils) and of the balance of putting back into the earth whatever you remove from it.  She is a self-proclaimed kitchen chemist, and believes that beauty isn’t just in product ingredient decks, but in how the products are made.  

One of the best parts of Brenda’s visit was that she brought her lead aesthetician, Michelle, to perform mini-facials for our customers with some of our favorite Farmaesthetics products: the fine herbal cleanser, sweet milk lavender exfoliant, and herbal hydration complex mask.  The breakdown was so simple!  Step 1: rinse skin and apply a mask combination of the fine herbal cleanser with the exfoliant.  Let sit for 5-10 minutes.  Step 2: rinse off this mask and apply the herbal hydration complex.  Let sit for 10-15  minutes.  Step 3: Give yourself a facial massage with a heavy oil or lotion like the lavender milk or midnight honey oil, even.  Sit, rest, or go to sleep.  

This mini-facial works for all skin types.  The first mask has lavender, a cytophylactic, which helps cells regenerate, and witch hazel made with the whole grains (not synthetic witch hazel, which is drying).  Both masks have lactic acid, which lifts cells to let hydration in.  The herbal hydration complex is particularly great for redness and inflammation, but really for anyone as well, because it plumps and calms the skin.

These in-store treatments were quick and easy – a reminder that facials don’t have to be time-consuming and infrequent.  We can and should easily incorporate them into our weekly routines at home.  We should take care of ourselves and our skin regularly!  One of our favorite quotes from Brenda was that “your body is like an expensive car, and your mind is the owner.”  You take great care of expensive cars every day – keeping an eye that they are clean and well-oiled.  In the same way, we should also care for the most precious thing we have on this earth…our only true real estate...ourselves!

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