Safe Scent Mixing with Captain Blankenship

Watching (Captain) Jana Blankenship blend scents is like watching a musician or artist compose a masterpiece.  We were so lucky last week to learn about scent blending from the master herself, during a Meet the Maker visit and DIY scent workshop at our South End Boston store.

You may know of Captain Blankenship because of her incredibly popular Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray, Hair Oil, and Body Scrub, but Jana actually began her self-care journey with scent making!  

At a young age, Jana began raiding her mother’s perfume stash, and mixing her own perfumes.  As we all know by now, synthetic fragrance contains a toxic cocktail of harmful chemicals.  Jana’s body responded to these experiments, and she quickly developed an allergy to synthetic fragrance.  Wanting a perfume in her twenties, Jana began mixing her own essential oil scent blends, and she fell in love with the beauty and mystery of scents found in nature.  She even studied under the famous Mandy Aftel while living in California, and safe scents have been her passion ever since!  No wonder all of the Captain Blankenship products smells are so vibrant, complex and beautiful!  

When we asked Jana to pop up to Boston (she’s based in upstate New York) for a DIY scent making workshop, we expected her to bring five or ten different oils for us to tinker with and blend.  Much to our surprise (and delight!) Jana came with dozens of essential oils, a jojoba base, roller ball applicator bottles, and even many books on scent blending.  She was glowing (also the cutest pregnant mom we ever did see!) and exuded passion during the entire workshop.  Jana began with an explanation of top, middle, and bottom notes of scents, and also explained how her essential oils came to be.  Then, she helped everyone blend their own scents.  My blend has lavender (of course!), vanilla, bergamot, and smoked frankincense, and I already love wearing it so much!  

If you didn’t get the chance to meet Jana last week, don’t worry – she’ll be back for future scent mixing workshops.

In the meantime, you can enjoy her scents in the beautiful and popular Captain Blankenship products we carry.  We even just brought on two stunning new scents of hers: Wolf Moon (a complex, smoky floral blend) and Jaune (a light and bright citrusy floral blend).

Have we told you how much we love our passionate brand founders?!

Until next time!

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