Passion for Safe Skincare and Efficacy with Rachel Winard of Soapwalla

We’re big believers in passion and authenticity at Follain.  Whenever Soapwalla founder Rachel Winard visits our stores, we’re giddy with the amount of sheer passion she oozes for safe skincare ingredients and efficacy.

As many of you know, we really want everyone to switch to aluminum-free deodorant.  The problem is, most aluminum-free deodorants don’t work - sometimes they even make you smell worse!  Before launching Follain, we tested over thirty aluminum-free options and, at the time, there was only that worked really well: Soapwalla’s deodorant cream.  It’s extremely powerful and effective, and is so because of Rachel Winard’s passion and authenticity.

She’ll never confess it, but we recently realized that Rachel is a pretty serious over-achiever.  A violinist through childhood, Rachel went on to attend Juilliard at age 16.  When she realized she wasn’t going to play the violin professionally, she decided to become a lawyer.  She didn’t just show up for classes at any law school; she graduated from the prestigious top tier program at Columbia University, and then went on to practice environmental law.  Having been diagnosed with an aggressive form of lupus in law school, Rachel had to change everything in her lifestyle – including the products she applied to her skin.  Unsatisfied with the performance of healthy skincare options on the market at the time, Rachel quickly began making her own products…and the rest is history!

The difference between hobby product formulators, capitalist product formulators, and passionate over-achiever product formulators, are that the first two will be satisfied with almost anything they can bottle up and sell. These two will try to copy others’ formulas and repackage them as their own.  They will stop when things get difficult, or unprofitable.  But for the passionate over-achiever formulator, authenticity is paramount, and there is no stopping until the formula is truly the best.  For Rachel’s deodorant, that meant over 1,000 product formulations (!!!) before finalizing her famous recipe.  This is why it works!  This is why it is famous all over the world (her deodorant is most popular in France)!  This is why we love it!  And this is why we love Rachel!

We loved learning so much about Rachel during her most recent “Meet the Maker” event in Boston.  We are proud to say that all of our brands at Follain are filled with passion and authenticity. It is something we look for in new brands we bring on to the store portfolio.  

No matter what you do for a living, you can learn so much from our brand founders - especially about instilling passion, authenticity, health, and wellness into your own life.  If you haven’t already done so, make sure to attend one of our “Meet the Maker” in-store events this year.  It is a rare opportunity to learn and grow!

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