Makeup Tips with W3LL PEOPLE Co-founder, Shirley Pinkson

Shirley Pinkson – co-founder of W3LL PEOPLE – ensures that all of her products are safe and sustainable, but she considers performance first when formulating the products. Shirley was a long-time makeup artist for popular department store brands before she founded W3LL PEOPLE, so she knows what products actually work, and she knows what colors women want!

We were so psyched when Shirley visited our South End shop for a “Meet the Maker” event and brand training last week. She did one-on-one makeup appointments for customers and then trained our team on the ins and outs of her beautiful line. Everyone left the store much brighter and happier than when they arrived. W3LL PEOPLE has exciting new product launches in the near future. Best to start trying these amazing products now!

Here are some of our favorite tips from the afternoon: 

Use Tools!

- Use the foundation brush to blend in the narcissist foundation stick. It will help the oils in the product sink in evenly. Apply the foundation stick directly to your face and then even out coverage with your foundation brush.

- Use the kabuki brush to blend in setting powders and bronzers. Just dip a side tip into the jar and collect a “silver dollar” amount of powder. Even out the powder on your brush by swirling it into the cap of your powder.

- Apply setting powders all over your face, but apply the amazing bio bronzer powder below cheekbones, rounding in a “C shape”!


- Apply the bio brighter stick to your upper cheek bones, upper lip of your cupids bow, and on the crown of your forehead. Blend with your fingertips or the foundation brush. - There is no right application step for this. Depending on how much “glow” you want, you can brighten before or after powders and other products!

Have Fun with Color!

- Stop trying to find the end-all, be-all best color for your skin tone. The best color changes depending on the weather, the outfit, and the mood. Have fun when picking your cheek and lip colors. And what could be more fun than applying the colors in a stick, like the easy universalist colorstick?

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