Raw, Nutritious Skin Food: Our Dr. Alkaitis Event Recap

Beautiful, inside and out.  That is the only way to describe the amazing Trish Alkaitis, daughter of Dr. Saul Alkaitis, and brand director for his skincare company.  What an honor it was to have Trish up to Boston for a "Meet the Maker" event and team training this week.  I was personally so enthusiastic to see Trish again, as she was the very first brand representative I met with to learn about healthy beauty products, back in 2009!  

Her Dad's eponymous line was the pioneer brand in the space.  It has been around 16 years (!!!), and continues to grow in cult status -- undoubtedly due to the increased awareness of the need to feed ourselves from the outside, in.  

If you're going to feed your skin, you might as well do so with living, raw ingredients like those in Dr. Alkaitis' highly effective and nourishing products!  The line works for all skin types, and literally stimulates your skin with it's powerful vitamins and minerals.  This is similar to how we feel stimulated and just plain better by eating a lot of vitamin and mineral-rich foods.  One look at Trish's skin, and you will want to use only Dr. Alkaitis products from now on!  She credits her glowing beautiful skin with the product line, yoga, and clean eating (combined, of course).  

During her visit, Trish brought up one of our favorite topics -- transdermal patches (like nicotine and birth control patches).  When these patches were brought to market, the unsafe skincare industry could no longer hide the fact that beauty ingredients do absorb into our bloodstream and internal organs, through our skin!  Thinking about this makes you want to feed your skin just as well as you feed yourself otherwise.  And these products make that easy.

While we love this entire nutrient-rich line of products, some of our favorites are the soothing aloe gel, which is great as a light moisturizer in summer or underneath moisturizer -- as a toner -- in other months, to calm down redness and rosacea; the eye creme, for it's fast-absorbing blast of nutrients to the thin under eye area; and the cleanser, for it's clean after-effect and gentle enzymatic exfoliation.  The best way to try this line for the first time is with the travel kit, which contains almost all of the products.  Try it for a month and let us know what your skin thinks!

Another huge thanks to Trish and her family for creating such a beautiful nutritious line of products!

XO, Tara


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