Winter Storm Wellness

Snow days are a great opportunity to catch up on work, chores, and - our favorite - wellness!  Many of us on the East Coast are completely hunkered down at home today, due to winter storm Juno.  Here's what we'll be doing to stay healthy and happy.

Winter Storm Fitness: The New York Times Scientific Seven Minute Workout

We try to break a sweat daily.  It's great for physical and mental health, but also for our skin and scalp!  On days we can't make it to our favorite local studios, or even outside for a run or walk, this workout app is all we need.  Three rounds leave us sweating like crazy!  Grab sneakers, set up a yoga mat next to a wall, and put on some fun pump-up background music.  You won't regret it!

Winter Storm Skin Boost: Exfoliant Masks + Soaks

We recommend weekly masks and soaks, but how many of us actually stick to that schedule?  Exfoliant  masks are so important this time of year, to increase circulation and remove the dead skin caused by dry heat blasting indoors.  Winter storm days lend the time to mix up masks, and relax with them in a hot, detoxiying bath.

Winter Storm Wellness: Read a Book

If you're anything like us, you push books aside to catch up with work, friends and family - all from computer and phone screens!  This is the perfect day to turn off electronics (they probably need a rest anyhow) and finish one of the books that are piling up on the bedside table!  Digital detox - even for only a few hours - is so important for our wellness today.

Winter Storm Nutrition: Smoothies and Soups

Some of us were too intimidated to brave the masses at grocery stores last night.  This left us stuck at home with an extremely random assortment of ingredients left in the refrigerator.  Luckily, when random ingredients are turbo-blended in the Vitamix along with delicious spices, they make pretty great smoothies and soups - the perfect option to give our digestive systems a break!  This breakfast smoothie consisted of the last two leaves of kale, one (overly ripe) banana, ginger root, water (no nut milks in site), oats, ground cinnamon, and ice.  So tasty! 

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