Spotlight Ingredient:  Activated Charcoal
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One of the most adsorbent (yes, adsorbent) ingredients out there, activated charcoal latches onto the bad stuff and leaves the good stuff -- in or on your body.  Activated charcoal pills have been used for ages to help with tummy and digestive problems, as a healthier alternative to the "liquid pink stuff".  It makes sense, then, that many people include activated charcoal pills or powder in their detox cleanses for the very same reason!  

Activated charcoal is different from normal charcoal because it has been heated with a gas that gives it tiny pores, and these pores trap the "bad stuff" your body doesn't need or want, flushing it away.  

While we always have activated charcoal on hand for digestion -- and many of us are adding it to our cleanses this month -- we also always have an activated charcoal skin product on hand at all times.  Whenever our skin needs a deep clean -- especially in the summer months to remove sweat and sunscreen -- but also during internal detox times, we use the black soap!  Our skin is the largest vehicle for toxins to exit our body!  Basically, when you do a raw food diet, juice cleanse, digital detox or any other kind of hyper focus on removing internal toxins, the idea is to flush everything away.  A healthy black soap will ensure the toxins go down the drain and not back in, through your pores.  

For daily use, we usually only recommend our charcoal cleansers to those with combination skin.  That being said, they are a great tool for all people to have on hand -- just in case...similarly to the activated charcoal pills!  We love this wonder ingredient and think you will too! 

Check out our charcoal cleansers here, here, and here, and always let us know if you have any questions!

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