Safety First for Glowing Skin, Outside and In!

At Follain, we sell safe and effective products only.  While we share our core values and ethics in-person at Follain stores, we finally created a platform to promote this information online.  On January 1st, we launched phase one of our safety platform, which provides education on our background, values, the ingredients we avoid – and why!   

If you’ve been looking to learn more about the ingredients to avoid – and reasons why – then check out phase one of our platform!  The reason we call it “phase one” is that we will add unsafe ingredients to the restricted list throughout the course of 2015, and beyond.  We continue to research ingredients to present the best information possible – working with passionate and knowledgeable team members like Holly Moore and mentors, like Mia Davis, and more!

We carry only products with safe ingredients so that we can be confident that we’re aiding your health, and the health of the environment; that we’re limiting the unsafe ingredients you apply to your skin, and, in that return to the water system and earth.  Your skin actually knows what to do with safe ingredients, so it will thank you for using Follain by glowing – outside and inside!  

Once you’ve read through the safety platform online, and decided to use healthier ingredients only, join us by taking the Follain safety pledge and sharing your pledge on social media.  Don’t keep this to yourself! Your friends and family all deserve to know!  In 2015, take care of yourself and help us spread the health!

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