Sweat the Good Stuff

When you step into a Follain store, there’s a lot of education involved.  We’ll share facts about the beauty industry, and about the unsafe ingredients in most conventional products on the market.  This can be overwhelming.  Many people ask where to start…what’s that one product they should switch before any others.  If you use deodorant, that’s where you begin.  It’s a product many of us use daily, and there are now safer alternatives that actually work.

Most conventional deodorants contain aluminum, fragrance, and other harmful ingredients that are intended to prevent us from sweating (our body’s form of homeostasis) and to make us smell strange, like “powder”, “fresh sky” or – my favorite – “cucumber melon”.  

It dawned on me one day that I had been putting so much effort into “detoxing” and getting healthy with juices, hot yoga, etc. – yet I wasn’t even allowing my body to get rid of toxins because I wasn’t allowing it to sweat!  This was almost as silly as trying to smell like cucumber melon…or as choosing to put a metal like aluminum on my own skin.

The attempt to find an aluminum-free deodorant was extremely frustrating.  I tried sprays, crystals, putties, sticks…$3 versions and $30 versions.  Nothing worked.  Most made my sweat smell worse.  I ended up trying 32 different aluminum-free deodorants.

When I tried Soapwalla’s deodorant cream, the search was over.  It neutralizes smells by combating bacteria with tea tree oil and baking soda.  It is powerful and effective.  You apply it with your fingertips (like everything else you put on your entire body; your underarms should not be scary) and it works so well.  If you have sensitive skin, we also found a milder version by Meow Meow Tweet that does not use baking soda, clay, or tea tree oil.  

Now this is what you don’t want to hear: before making the switch from aluminum based conventional deodorant over to a healthier option, you should take a week or two off from wearing any deodorant at all.  You should really try to sweat in that time.  The goal is to sweat out the aluminum and fragrance in your system, before making a clean start.  

Healthy pits are more important than you thought!  So, if you feel like you have to wear deodorant, please make sure to STAY SAFE!


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