Lucky You, It's August!

Sunset seen from Steps Beach, Nantucket

August is the eighth month of the year.  Lucky number eight.  That funny time where we all begin thinking about impending fall commitments like meetings, projects, summer reading…you name it.  It’s also our last opportunity for summer vacation; our opportunity to unwind, relax, and take time for ourselves before the craziness begins. 

I encourage you (challenge you, really) to take advantage of every last drop of August before it’s gone!  This means more time for self-care, relaxation, and appreciation of nature.  These quiet moments help us become more creative.  We have so much more creative energy for work and obligations, when we take time to check in with ourselves.  Personally, my favorite ways to care for myself are by taking a bath, hiking in the woods, exercising outdoors, or sitting on a busy street and people-watching!  If I'm ever over-stressed, any of these activities will help to calm my mind, and prepare for the next tasks to come.
Bath time might be my favorite, and it happens to be incredibly beneficial for the skin.  The dead sea and epsom bath salts I use are packed with magnesium (to calm the nervous system) and various other minerals that help with skin metabolism.  Skin metabolism is kind of like digestive metabolism: it measures how fast action is taken.  If skin metabolism is working well, UV damage is repaired and collagen production is steady.  Just like our digestive metabolism, skin metabolism slows down as we age.  Certain practices (massage, eating well, drinking water) help speed skin metabolism back up, and certain products – like bath salts! – can too. 

Herbivore Botanicals Renew Bath Salts

Taking time for yourself can help you in many more ways than one.  Lucky you, it’s August – the perfect time to do so!  I won't include a picture of myself taking a bath, but here are some opportunities I've had to take advantage of nature this month.  Feeling so much gratitude and appreciation for this special time of year.  


  Ashley Hecker and I representing Follain at the Autism Speaks Walk    Fishing at Great Point, Nantucket     Hiking Mt. Monadnock, New Hampshire

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