Don't Wait to Begin Taking Care of Yourself (and Your Skin)!

Your skin is so important.  Besides being the largest and one of the most important organs – protecting from environmental harm, and releasing toxins – it’s also what we “wear” all day every day for the world to see.  To many, physical beauty and attractiveness has so much to do with beautiful skin.  Given all this, why do so many people never care for their skin? 

We all know about healthy versus unhealthy – and likes versus dislikes – when it comes to food and exercise, yet many people have no idea about these, when it comes to caring for their skin.  Skin care is another part of overall wellness, and I’m asking you to start paying attention to it now!

Just like exercise and clean eating, skincare can also help protect our future health, and make us feel better about ourselves today.  And – just like with everything else – it’s never too late to make the switch to skin products that promote overall health.

In the U.S., we are told by doctors to switch to healthier, nontoxic skincare products when we become pregnant, or if we are diagnosed with a terminal illness.  It used to make me so sad that these were the only two reasons for which the majority of women and men out there might switch to healthier skincare routines. 

Then, I opened Follain – and began talking with customers, friends, and family members – and I realized that so many people already knew about healthy skincare, wanted to switch to healthier products, but just had no one to answer their questions.  So many more people than I could have ever dream were ready to make the switch to healthier skin care!  Amazing!

They had been using that drugstore cleanser / lotion combo that begins with the letter ‘C’ for decades, knowing very well that it had chemicals but never aware of a natural yet gentle alternative that would work for their sensitive skin… 

Interestingly enough, those toxic drugstore products are not only bad for health, they’re also not doing anything to strengthen, nourish, or beautify skin for the future.

Just like we shouldn’t wait till we’re pregnant or sick to use nontoxic skincare products, we also shouldn’t wait till we’re unhappy with our skin to start using corrective measures.  It sounds like common sense but must be said anyhow: by using the right ingredients for the skin now (yes, NOW!) you will have many fewer concerns with your skin in the future.  I mean, ingredients for the eye area (like eyebright and caffeine) now mean less lines in the future…ingredients to block the sun now (like zinc) mean less sun spots and wrinkles in the future.  

It is never too late to become the best version of yourself, and to find confidence in your health.  

At Follain, we are here to help you do that, and to answer any questions you might have along the way.  That is our service to you, and it is what we love doing, so never hesitate to ask!

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  • Jul 22, 2014

    fabulous fabulous

    (I’m adding Bella my 17 year old) Maybe she can work for Tara soon!

    love my body oil citrus and Luke loves charcoal bar we bought inACK

    The bathing cap bag is with Bell of course

    xox from Winchester Trinity Parents friends of Bea

    — Linda Eberth

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