Meet the Makers: Gianne & Jay of Organic Bath Co.


Talk about a dynamic duo! Meet Gianne and Jay, the founders of Organic Bath Co. They work together to create some of our favorite products and pledge to use only organic and Fair Trade Certified ingredients. Their products lift your spirits and soften your rough patches and they help those in need while they're at it (1% of all proceeds go towards the planet)  - How's that for multi-tasking? Gianne and Jay are popping into our Nantucket shop tomorrow, June 4th, from 4-6pm for cocktails and a good old fashioned meet-and-greet. Come say hi!  


Welcome to Nantucket! We hear the island is like your second home. What are some of your favorite places on ACK?

Jay: I’ve been coming to Nantucket with my family since I was a baby and it has always been one of my favorite places. Nantucket is perfect for spending time outside, being on the water & having fun with friends and family. That being said, morning donuts from the Downy Flake are a must!

Gianne: Afternoons at Cisco & Coatue are a must. And we also always make a reservation at Black Eyed Susans for dinner. Everyone raves about their brunch, but we love taking over the patio with our friends, enjoying amazing food, and maybe a few bottles of wine.  :)

Rumor has it your obsession with shea butter was what made you want to launch Organic Bath Co. Tell us what’s so awesome about shea butter.

Shea butter has so many benefits. It is a wonderful skin conditioner; it’s healing and hydrating so it’s perfect for dry skin or after you’ve been out in the summer sun! Our shea butter is organic and Fair Trade Certified™ and is perfect for all skin types, especially when you need a little extra moisture. Our body butter is light enough for summer and a little goes a long way!

You are the queen of the sugar scrub. Why are body scrubs are so important in the summer?

Gianne: We all tend to show a bit more skin in the summertime and body scrubs help soften & smooth your rough patches. Sugar Scrubs are also environmentally friendly and dissolve. So please do take them into the outdoor shower with you! :)

What’s coming up next for Organic Bath Co.?

We’re working on quite a few skin treats that we can’t wait to share with everyone! :)

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