Restricted Substance: Petrolatum
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    When we started this Restricted Substance series we knew there were going to be a few ingredients that really struck a nerve with our readers, and because we know just about everyone has a jar of Vaseline in their bathroom, a tube of Aquaphor in the bottom of their purse, or is coveting an oh-so-trendy flavored lip balm, we had a feeling that this month’s substance was going to be a hot button issue. Petrolatum (aka Petroleum Jelly, Paraffin Oil and Mineral Oil) has a crude history [literally, it’s derived from crude oil].  We’re going to dig into some of the reasons why it’s on our Restricted Substance List and introduce you to some options that are even more effective, definitely more sustainable and far less, well, icky.

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Beauty & The Gut | by Dr. Robynne Chutkan

Dr. Robynne Chutkan, author of Gutbliss, the Microbiome Solution

Real talk - While we're firm believers that pure, botanical ingredients can treat any skin problem, the truth is that if we aren't feeding our bodies clean food to go along with them, a clear complexion will still be miles away. There is a proven connection between our digestive health and the health of our skin, and that's a topic that our guest blogger, Dr. Robynne Chutkan knows a lot about.

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How to Apply a Face Oil

To say we’re freaks about face oils would be the understatement of the century. We looove them. Like, slather our faces in 3 layers of oil before we go to bed every night kind of love. And while a good old-fashioned face cream definitely has its place in a solid skincare routine, it’s with a bottle of perfectly blended botanical oil where you see the true magic happen on your skin.

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Tara's Pregnancy Skincare Routine
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  • Tara Foley - Follain

    In case you haven’t already heard, I’m expecting my first this June -- a baby boy! The past eight months have been quite the adventure, and although I didn't have to worry about the safety of my skincare routine when I became pregnant, there have been plenty of shifts to accommodate - and support - my changing body.

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Follain Family Beauty Rituals: Meet Alyse Stokes


We're all product junkies over here, but one look at Alyse's impressive routine and you'll quickly realize that she's one beauty guru you definitely want to listen to. Alyse dishes out healthy beauty advice as the director of our Union Market shop in DC and she has a trick up her sleeve for just about any skin ailment. Can't make it over there in person? Insider tips galore can be found right in her own beauty ritual. 

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Restricted Substance: Sulfates


Somewhere along the line, we became totally obsessed with suds. Who could blame us? Virtually every shampoo, body wash and bar soap commercial in the history of television has us lusting for that sweet lather. Here’s the thing though, just because (insert your favorite raspberry scented shampoo brand here) shows us we need foam, doesn’t mean it’s true, and it definitely doesn’t mean it’s safe.

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Meet the Maker: Josh Rosebrook

Follain Meet the Maker: Josh Rosebrook

Josh Rosebrook pours tons of thought, love, and intention into his products. You can just feel the ultra high-vibe, healthy, good energy that radiates out of every formula. We're grateful and excited to welcome Josh back to Follain DC and Boston for visits this week, on April 26th and 28th, respectively. To prep for the visits, we sat down with Josh to pick his brain about hair health, mind-body-soul connection, and even his favorite reads. Enjoy!

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Every Day is Earth Day

Follain Educator and Eco-expert Cameron Bruns

Cameron Bruns is a part-time educator at Follain in Boston and our team’s resident eco-expert. When she’s not at Follain, Cameron is the Southern New England Marketing Manager at The Nature Conservancy, the world’s largest environmental nonprofit. She also authors two blogs - Just Us Gals and Boston Green Blog where she shares her passions for conscious living and entrepreneurship. Her goal is to promote ethical, stylish, and sustainable lifestyle choices. In honor of Earth Day, she is sharing three ways that our beauty products affect the natural environment.  

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Meet the Maker: Indie Lee

Indie Lee

She’s back!!!  One of our favorite makers and skincare gurus, Indie Lee is back in Boston this month to talk healthy skin, how to balance an insane schedule and how to (pretty much) change the world. We love all of her gorgeously packaged products (if you haven’t tried her Squalane Facial Oil yet, get with the program!) and we can’t get enough of her endless words of wisdom. Oh Indie, how we love thee! Check out our chat with her below to absorb some of her good vibes. To read our last interview back in October with Indie, click here!

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Meet the Maker: Shannon Vaughn of Pursoma

Follain Meet the Maker:  Shannon Vaughn of Pursoma

The word "detox" is thrown around a lot these days and sometimes the true message of the importance of detoxification gets lost in the shuffle - that's definitely not the case with Shannon Vaughn, founder of Pursoma. She take her detox practices and her purifying products seriously, it's no wonder her intensely detoxifying bath treatments have become some of your Follain faves. Ahead of her visit this Saturday to our Beacon Hill shop, we asked Shannon to give us the scoop on how to survive our urban existence without getting total toxic overload. But seriously, we could listen to her talk about this all day (and yes, we probably will).

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