Follain Winter Skin Saviors - Part Two: Face
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Follain Winter Skin Saviors for Face

Ever have that feeling at the end of a long winter day that your face is absolutely barking for moisture? Or maybe you’re dealing with those annoying and sometimes painful patches of itchy dry skin between your eyebrows? Winter, we love yah, but go easy on the face please. A dry and dull complexion brought on by dry air is one of our least favorite feelings, so we’ve put together a comprehensive list of skin saving products to rescue your face from the winter elements.

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Beauty Blotter

Follain Beauty Blotter

In this edition of Beauty Blotter:  everything you need to know about natural moisturizers, the #1 makeup mistake women make according to a green beauty expert, why BPA-free doesn't necessarily mean safe, hazardous chemicals in outerwear, one of our brand founders' super simple skincare routine and more!

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Follain Family Beauty Rituals : Meet Susannah Compton


Meet this month’s Follain team member and clean beauty industry guru, Susannah Compton. Susannah is one of our amazing Union Market educators and she also happens to be one of Follain’s 40+ U.S. made makers! Check out her gorgeous line of 100% botanical and wild crafted perfumes here - you won’t be disappointed. Susannah also shares her clean beauty expertise as a contributing writer for No More Dirty Looks, Thoughtfully Magazine and Integrity Botanicals. We recently caught up with Susannah to get in on her personal beauty secrets and tips to living clean and pretty.

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Follain Restricted Ingredient: Parabens


Introducing a new full-disclosure blog series - Our Restricted Ingredient Review will get down to the nitty-gritty details on why you definitely don't need these ingredients on (and in) your body, under any circumstances. 

Meet, the Paraben family. You may have read along the way that you should avoid products with parabens, but do you know why? It’s the details that are truly going to get this movement going, so let’s dive in.  

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Follain Winter Skin Saviors - Part One: Body

Follain Winter Skin Saviors Part One

Ok, it’s everyone’s favorite time of year.  Time when we frantically check The Weather Channel to see just where that storm is going to hit.  Time when the four o’clock sun appears to be the holiest light you’ve ever seen, but then seems to vanish in an instant.  Time when staying in over the weekend becomes socially acceptable.  You know what I mean…sweatpants and chill.   It can be a little rough, so how to keep your skin soft and supple despite being leeched of moisture everywhere you turn?  From the harsh cold air outside to the dry heat inside, a humidifier can only do so much to keep you hanging on.  [Ed. note:  humidifiers are actually a total game changer so if you’ve been waiting to indulge, now is the time.]

Read on for our tips on how to take care of your body in Part One of Follain's Winter Skin Savior series.

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Introducing: Beauty Blotter

A new feature on our blog, Beauty Blotter (think record keeping, not oil absorbing) will bring you the latest news stories from the world of health and personal care safety. Here at Follain, we fuel our business on knowledge and education, and want to empower you to do the same. We will also keep you up-to-date on best practices and advice from all walks of wellness. Read on for our first round-up!

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Follain Family Beauty Rituals: Isabel Hibbard of the South End
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  • Isabel

     If you've ever stopped by our South End shop, chances are you've gotten the chance to have an inspiring conversation with Isabel. Isabel is one of our most knowledgeable educators and she's always there to hold your hand while you make the transition to healthy products. In celebration of her one year anniversary with Follain, we asked Isabel to share the secrets to her own beauty ritual and healthy, wholesome lifestyle. 

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